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The JFSLA Curriculum

Soccer/ Lacrosse/ Basketball/ Water Polo – Learn from some of the best women’s soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and water polo players at the international, national and collegiate level. The Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy will not only use sports to teach leadership, it will use leadership themes to teach skill development on the field. For example, if the leadership concept for the day is different styles of communication, we will work that theme into the sports-playing component. We believe that leadership skills learned on the field can translate into leadership skills off the field, and visa versa.

Leadership themes follow the EMPOWERrings of SELF, TEAM, SCHOOL, COMMUNITY, and LIFE (as in Julie Foudy’s book Choose to Matter):

Theme: SELF…Being a leader that others will want to follow.
• Recognizing all the different types of leaders.
Leadership is personal, not positional.
• Discovering confidence to bring out the leader in you.
• Developing self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others.

Theme: TEAM… Being a positive and effective leader on your team.
• Being a good listener, communicator.
• Finding your voice.
• Making decisions that enhance team chemistry.

Theme: SCHOOL/HALLWAYS…Setting an example on and off the field.
• Overcoming obstacles that may impede good leadership.
• Conflict resolution skills: helping others deal with difficult situations.
• Verbal leadership: the right words, right time, right tone.

Theme: COMMUNITY… Choosing to Matter in your own community.
• Creating leaders around you = good leadership.
• Learning the value of giving back in life
• The "Play it forward" approach

Theme: LIFE…The emphasis behind our entire leadership curriculum will be: CHOOSE TO MATTER!
• I hear, I forget.
• I see, I remember.