Learn how to navigate the recruiting process and get on a coach’s radar!

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  • Current and/or former Collegiate Coaches (DI, II & III)
  • Current and/or former Professional Coaches & Players
  • Current and/or former US & International Players & Coaches
*(varied at each location)

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We offer these sessions for our 14-18 yr olds at JFSLA who are eager to learn more about the college process of training, applying to colleges, and recruiting.
It is important to note that this part of our programming is designed for serious college prospects who are looking for opportunities at all levels (DI, II, III etc). The recruiting process can be confusing, stressful and highly competitive. We will give you strategies and a roadmap for the journey!

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All the topics headlined on the photos are discussed in detail to help the players put together their own recruiting “toolbox”. We offer advice and strategies from current and former College Coaches to enable players to “get on a coaches radar”. We role-play coach and player meetings and interactions to highlight the importance of body language, terminology, comportment and show players how to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations!

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There will be 2 early morning sessions. One field session and one classroom role-play session that will educate the college prospect how to communicate with College Coaches. This will serve as a supplement to our existing program. These are intensive sessions and special dispensation will be given when players return to their regular training groups.