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  • default_titleThe Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy combines a four-night, five-day residential Summer Sports Camp and a Leadership Academy for girls ages 12-18, and since 2017 we are offering a DAY STUDENT option for 9-12 year old girls.
  • default_titleWe focus on two overlapping components at the JFSLA-- Sports and Leadership-- and how both complement each other. We also throw in a ton of silliness for good measure.
  • default_titleWe have 2 separate sports (you have to pick one!) as part of our JFSLA programming. Soccer is at all 3 locations, Lacrosse is currently offered in New Jersey.
  • default_titleThe girls train with their respective sports and then we unite for the Leadership component. Half the day training and half the day doing fun, high energy leadership development.
  • default_titleIn 2013, we successfully integrated Lacrosse into the New Jersey JFSLA, for girls ages 12-18. We can't wait for our 13th year of bringing young girls (also including girls 9-12 day student option for 2017) a robust and exciting sports leadership curriculum.
  • default_titleOur summer residential camp locations are in NJ, GA and CA.
  • default_titleWe have World Class role models, Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, and all around rockstars on staff every year!
  • default_titleThe aim of the JFSLA is to expose students to Julie’s great passion: the concept of not just being a leader on the field but a LEADER IN LIFE.
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