Involve your Club or Association with our program and receive very special opportunities.

In 2015 all of these clubs/associations had access to earn VIP discounts and appearances from Julie Foudy at their club, by enrolling in our “VIP Affiliation Program”

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The JFSLA was founded with one question in mind. How can we share our leadership skills training with young athletes looking to unlock their potential for greatness both on AND off the playing field?

Using soccer & lacrosse as the conduit, the JFSLA provides a challenging week of self discovery, team building techniques, peer awareness and understanding, a college preparatory curriculum, and intense soccer and lacrosse training.

East Bay Eclipse

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"We are a huge supporter of the JFSLA, as the week-long camp provides the girls with a solid foundation of leadership, confidence and passion for being a difference-maker. Each year we see our players return to our club changed for the better!"Shane Carney, Director of Coaching

San Francisco Youth Soccer League

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“I’m proud to announce that SF Youth Soccer has become a VIP Partner with the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy. I cannot speak highly enough about the skills work, the integrated leadership and service components, or the commitment of Julie Foudy to girls in sport, particularly soccer.”Scotty Kober: Executive Director

ACC Mavericks

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“From a Club and parent perspective, Julie Foudy’s Leadership Soccer Camp was a great experience. The Foudy organization is well run and responsive to our Club members’ needs. As a parent, I sent my two daughters (ages 13 and 15) for the first time and both girls loved the real life experiences and soccer programs offered at the Camp.”John Montagh: Board of Directors

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We also wanted to thank all of the people and organizations below that have believed in the concepts we are teaching and have taken the time to distribute information, tell a fellow student or encourage someone to register or apply for a scholarship.

If any of these organizations are in your area please take some time and find out more about them. We obviously share some common values and we think they are special.Julie Foudy
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